Friday, October 26, 2007

Long Week

Its been another long week at work, although this week I have been able to leave work on time every day except today. Which doesn't mean I'v gotten anything done at home, but at least I haven't been as rushed.

I just updated my etsy shop with some new handdyed sock yarns and had updated with several knitting bags over the last week. Also in the process of adding more Christmas Cards. Look for more updates Sunday or Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Mail Day!

I came home to a great mail day.

I received 2 stitch marker exchanges. The first one is polymer clay bead stitch marker exchange. My exchange partner made these wonderfully cute frog and lilly pad stitch markers.

The second puffy was from the halloween stitch marker plus exchange. It was wonderful. It included 13 adorable stitch markers, they were pumpkins, skulls, jackolanterns, witches hat, ghost, and bat. I don't know how she got the wire wrapped so tightly, mine are never that tight. It also included some glass, looks like lampwork, christmas beads. Casscade 220 yarn and fingerless mitts pattern for it. A blinking jack o lattern and don't forget the chocolate! And I almost forgot the cute witch, ghost and jack o lantern candles.

A BIG thank you to both of my exchange partners, they are both very talented stitch marker makers!!!

And I also received my order from knit picks, I am begining to love their needles, now I can cast on more socks....and I ordered more jacquard acid dyes, look for more sock yarn in the near future.