Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crazzzzyyyy Days

Went shopping at the mall last night. Just to let everyone know, I avoid the mall like the plaque. But this weekend is Crazy Days, so I decided I needed to check it out and try to get a few deals, I always need work clothes. So I went to old navy first and found tons of great deals, but only 2 pairs of pants that I thought looked decent on me and a cute tan wool coat. One of the pairs of pants there were only 3.99....yup thats right 3.99! And the coat was 19.99! Super Deal.

Then I went to JCPennys. There I actually made a huge haul. Four pairs of pants, one shirt, two sweaters and a cute aqua purse (think very bright). All for about $80! The pants were all about 10 and the tops varied between 7 and 9 and the purse was like 12.

Now I just have to hem all the pants....:0(.....I don't know why it is, I have no problem hemming pants for my coworkers, but really hate doing it for myself.

As for knitting content, I am working up the pattern for my sock knitting class the next 2 Wednesdays. When I get it all typed up and proofed, I will post it. I was hoping to figure out how to make it into a PDF, but I will figure that out later. Oh the pattern is a baby sock pattern in 3 sizes, since I don't have a baby or have ever had a baby, I hope the sizing is realistic....cross your fingers.

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caillie said...

You go girl!!!!
I can't wait to see the purse!!!