Monday, February 11, 2008

Val Day and another snowstorm

Well this weekend I went to Val Day in Kalamazzo Michigan. It was a fun event, but the long car ride was not my idea of fun. I went with Jamie from to help him to vend their. Not sure if I was much help, but I did sell a few of his feastware mugs. I was able to do a little shopping and picked up some clearance yarn and wool/rayon/silk roving from ursula's, sorry no pics.

Coming home we had the fun of driving through a snow storm, but it ended at about the michigan state line, then it was just windy and coollllddddd.

I took today off to make sure I could recover if I needed too. I slept in a little, but I don't feel horrible for spending 24 hours in a vehicle in less than 72 hours.

I did get a good start on my next pair of socks, the pattern is Sydney, it is an advanced pattern and to make it more complicated, I am knitting 2 at a time on one circular, so I have completed the toes and 2 1/2 repeats of the chart. Can't wait to see it done. Sorry no pics yet again.

Today the mailman brought me a package from my Ravelry Mitten Exchange partner. It had a great pair of mittens and an extra skein of yarn and a needle gauge with a ruler. And just in time for another snowstorm with below zero weather.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Frustration and Etsy Updates

I have been trying to work up a new design, but I think I am being zipper stupid. I know how to insert a zipper, but do you think I can insert a zipper and have the bag come out just the way I want it? Of course not or I wouldn't be blogging about it.


So here are my two attempts at new designs. The first one is a perfect fit for a yarn cake, wasn't my intention, but I think I kind of like it and see how it might be useful. The second one isn't quite right, I think part of it is how I put it together. Well back to the drawing board. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the perfect knitting bag, because that is my ultimate goal.

My etsy shop has been updated.