Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drum Carder Arrived!!!

My drum carder arrived today. It is a clemes & clemes. It looks like the company hasn't made them for a while but may be starting to again. I haven't started to try to put it together yet, but will this weekend. I wanted to put a finish on it first, so it needs to dry. It has no instructions, but I think I will ask the original maker if they would sell me a copy of them.

I also just heard that my shipment of doorprizes and items for goody bags have arrived at the lady setting up SeaSocks '08. I sent them 140 handstamped cards and 3 knitting bags. I wish I could go on the cruise, but maybe next year.

Meghan was the fearless volunteer that will let me coat her foot in duct tape. We have not set up the photo shoot date, but keep an eye out for that tutorial.

Coming soon: Duct tape foot tutorial and Pics of my Drum Carder!

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caillie said...

Great Job!!! Congrats on the new drum carder!!!!