Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Duct Tape Foot Tutorial

Duct Tape Foot Tutorial

First find a willing victim…err….volunteer. Here is my friend Meghan along with my faithful assistant, Ladie. I plyed her with offers of caffiene to help me.

You will need an old sock or two that fit’s the volunteer. This sock will be cut off your foot in the end. Other supplies needed are duct tape, fiberfill and safety scissors. I have made these on myself so you do not need a volunteer unless you are trying to make a different size foot dummy.

First, put the sock on.

Then start to layer the duct tape on the foot. The pieces of the duct tape should be only about 5 inches in length. The first layer should be put on vertically. Do not cover the toes at this point. But don’t forget the bottom of the foot. Overlap the sides of the tape. It is not pertinent that you cover 100% of the sock/foot on this layer, but try to get it covered to the height you are desiring.

Second layer you will start to layer the duct tape horizontally. In the pictures you will see I have used a different color to demonstrate. In this layer you want to cover the toes and cover the whole foot, overlaping the edges. Up to a fairly even top. Be careful to not wrap the duct tape too tightly.

The third layer you do a horizontal layer again. I have again demonstrated with a new color. This layer you want to make sure you cover the whole foot including the toes. This is the final layer.

Meghan was a little concerned at this stage. Luckily it came off without any loss of blood or toes.

Next you will carefully cut the duct tape foot off. Be sure to use safety scissors, you don’t want to cut your or your volunteers foot/leg. I cut down the back side of the foot all the way down to the bottom of the heel and then ease out the foot out.

Do not cut it off this way….

To tape the cut edges, I use a piece of tape on the inside and outside vertically. You can also add more horizontal pieces of tape to secure the edges.

To tape the cut edges, I use a piece of tape on the inside and outside vertically. You can also add more horizontal pieces of tape to secure the edges.

Now you will want to lightly stuff the foot with fiberfill or your preferred stuffing material. You do not want to stuff it too firmly or too lightly. If it is too firm it is hard to get your socks on and off it. If it is stuffed too lightly it won’t be firm enough. Stuff it up to the top of the leg. The right amount of stuffing is based on your preference and is something you will most likely figure out after you start using it. I discovered my first pair was stuffed too firmly so they are hard to use.

When you get to the top of the leg, use pieces of duct tape to close off the leg, laying them across the opening until it is evenly closed off.

Now you have a duct tape foot dummy.

You can use it however you may want. I like to put my hand knit socks on there to photograph them.

Here is Meghan with her pair of new duct tape feetsies. She wasn’t sure what we were doing when she volunteered for this, so she was a good sport and the enticement of coffee worked well. Now we just need to get her to finish a pair of socks so she can use them to model the socks.

Enjoy the instructions and if something isn’t clear or incorrect, please let me know and I will correct it.

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