Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I hope everyone is enjoying the tutorial on the foot. I did have one suggestion to use a plastic bag and then use the duct tape. It would be water resistant then. So you could use it for blocking/drying socks. I still don't know if I would use it for that. I like to use my bent wire hangers for drying socks that need blocking. The air flow helps them dry faster.

My sewing machine broke Friday Night, so I took it to the magic fixers at Heirloom Creations. They fixed it and cleaned her up and adjusted the tension. Apparently their was a wire that was disconected and they resodered it on the other side of the motor where it wouldn't be disconected again.

I bought a serger. I would have liked to buy one at Heirloom Creations, but the $900 machine that would have suited my needs was out of the budget. I did purchase one on ebay, so am hoping that it is ok. It ships direct from the manufacturer and it is a known brand, Yamata. Its more known in China, but is manufactured in Florida. It has a rolled hem and overstitch capabilities.

I can't wait for spring to really start. It snowed here last Thursday, it is all melted now, but it is supposed to get into the 50's and 60's this week. Hopefully it will not be windy.

Here is a picture of my new design that will be coming out in the near (hopefully) future.

More pictures on my flickr account.

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caillie said...

Love the new design!!!
Also LOVE the duct tape foot model. I will need to make one when I finish some socks!!!