Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a week

It has been quite a week here.

Last Monday, I had a horrible day at work, the worst I have had since I started there 4 years ago. I knew I should have done everything myself, but I didn't...I trusted someone else....and they didn't do what they were supposed to.... so we had to start over pretty much.....ggrrrr

Then the rest of the week flew by...busy at work....when it wasn't busy at work, I was trying to get my office stuff done like meeting minutes and such....

Saturday I went out to do some errands....just a few, go to the Post Office, Staples for ink, Library to drop off some books that were due, and go do a little shopping..... Well I got to the Post Office. Then I went to staples, after wandering around a while in there, I bought my ink. Went out to my wouldn't Start!

Ok now about 2 weeks ago, it started acting funny, turning over slower, but only some of the time. So I called the shop then, they had me bring it in.....and of course it started perfctly there.....ugg

So on Saturday, I called the shop and got the tow truck, they towed it in and it turned out to be my starter (which is what I had guessed) which luckily was under warranty. Thank goodness for warranties. They actually got it fixed on Saturday.

This is stuff men are supposed to take care of, I try telling Ladie that, but he just looks at me like.....cookie??? ....See....there he is agian.....

I also got my garden planted, 2 tomatoes, 2 eggplants, lettuce and snap peas....and a few flowers. I never knew that egg plants could grow in containers, but I got the book, Bountiful Containers, and they say that they can......I can't wait to see if they are right, I love Baked Eggplant! with Ranch dip.....MMMMMM

No garden pictures yet, but maybe next time.

Knitting content.....I am working on a new pattern for sockies.....kind of like you buy in the store, but hand knit and more comfortable......I have to wear some type of socks on my feet at work....

Have a good week everyone!

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