Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden update

I took these pictures last night. I have eggplant growing on the japanese eggplant and one flower and at least one more bud growing.

Here is the Satin Beauty Eggplant. It has one bud that hasn't opened yet, but the plant itself is growing well.

Here are my bush tomatos. There are 5 or 6 in this bunch of tomatos and there is another bunch starting to develop. Not sure how much more they will grow, but I should have plenty of tomatos for me and maybe too many for me.

Chocolate mint is growing well.

Snow pea pods are doing well too.

Here is a volunteer marigold from my marigolds from last year. I have another one or 2 in my bush tomato pot.

No pictures of my grape tomato, it is pretty spindly and sad looking. It only has about 5 little tomatos on it. My flowers are doing well too, but would probably be doing better if I were better about dead headding them.

I am getting ready for my camping weekend. I was able to find some 100% deet at scheels.....hopefully that will keep the evil bugs away. Plus I am taking zinc, I read that it is supposed to make bugs not like you, but I've already had a few bug bites this past week. :(

I have been knitting on my latest sock, am almost done with my first sock, just have to decide how long to make the cuff.

I think Meghan and I are ready for our dyeing. Last weekend I spent most of sunday at her house skeining up a bunch of yarn. We made 60 (?) skeins of about 23 yards each and got most of them mordanted, so things should be all ready for tomorrow, just heat and throw in. We are also doing some indigo dyeing and I am taking a couple tee shirts to throw in there that have stains on them.

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