Thursday, July 31, 2008

Safe Places.....

I seem to be putting alot of things in 'safe' places lately....unfortunately that means that they are safe from Me! So just a little frustrating. First I had to search for about 1/2 an hour for batteries for the camera, then I of course found it where I had looked at least 2 times prior.....ugh....

Then I needed my ruler, I haven't found the one I wanted, but I did find one I could use.....then I needed to find my quart ziplock bags....still haven't found I thought I would post here and maybe they will just appear when I am done and less frustrated.....or tomorrow after work I will pick up some more at HyVee.

This is my Satin Beauty egglplant.....this is the bigger of the 2 eggplants growing. There are a ton of other blooms as well.....Need those eggplant recipies

Here is some of the alpaca that Meghan dyed and carded up for was for an exchange for some sock yarn I dyed up....Ladie and dog toy provided for scale....

These have become this.....not done with all of it yet, but I have one bobin full and the second is almost full....probably have enough to fill another 1/2 bobbin....haven't decided if I want to 2 or 3 ply it

Now where are those ziploc baggies....I know I had them earlier this week.....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garden Update

Sorry no pictures in this post. I have gotten a few ripe tomatoes from both the grape and bush plant. I have a ton still on the bush to ripen and a few on the grape plant. But the grape plant has developed a few new flowers.

My eggplant has 3 eggplants that are slowly growing and many more blooms in different stages of developing. I think I may be inundated with eggplant when they start to get bigger. I am thinking I better start to look up recipies for eggplant, let me know if you have any favorite recipies.....Thank goodness I like eggplant.

My pea plant is about done. I have had a handfull of peas from it, but next year I need to start them earlier because they are supposed to do better in the cooler weather.

My lettuce has done poorly too, but I think I should have planted it earlier as well. I think I may try to restart it in later August.

My eggplant was attacked by ants about a week ago I noticed. When I got too looking closer, I had a HUGE infestation of aphids(?). They are little, the size of a pen/pencil tip and light green almost white. So I have been treating it with insecticidal soap. I found a recipie on the internet, 1 gallon water to 2 Tablespoons of dishsoap. It seems to be working, but I am still getting some new aphids. I am treating it every other day.

Knitting update. I almost have my current socks done. Just need to work on them a little. Maybe I will work on them this week.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Been Busy

Been kind of busy the past few weeks. Spent the 4th in Omaha, had fun but time went too fast as usual. We saw some fireworks and enjoyed the pool and hot tub. Ladie got to meet Diesel, they both lived through the experience so that is good. Ladie didn't like it when Diesel came to play with me, but I think it will resolve with some time spent together.

This weekend I worked on taking pictures so I can get my etsy shop updated. I have added several sets of stitch markers. I have some more pictures of bags to edit and get listed.

I need to get back into sewing, but just haven't found the motivation....I know once I sit down and start I will get going again, its just the initial starting. I think I will blame it on the weather....just too hot. I have a new design bouncing around in my head, but as usual it needs a little more time and I need to make time to sit down and play with it. I will be making a dog bed for Diesel soon, but first I am waiting for the dimensions so I know it will fit where it will be going, unfortunately I was told I can't make it pink :0(

No real knitting progress to report my current socks are stalled as I haven't made time to work on them. And Meghans sleeves are very slowly coming along, maybe I'll have them ready for her by the time it snows.....luckily they are long sleeves.

I did spin up some lovely wool this weekend. I have 2 spools that need to be plied together when they have had a day or 2 to rest.

My garden is growing wonderfully. I forgot to take pictures yesterday when I was working on them, but my eggplant is growing, it is about 5-6 inches long now. I have some grape tomatos that have turned red. Tons of tomatos on my bush plant, one is starting to turn color. My pea plants are doing ok, they are starting to bloom again, so maybe I will get a few more off them. My other eggplant have 2-3 blooms on it but no baby eggplants yet. My lettuce is sad looking, I moved it so it would get more shade from the bush tomato plant, but it is pretty scraggly looking. My mint is growing great now. I want to try to make some sun tea with it, but haven't tried it yet.

Here are a few pictures of the monster, he was 'helping' me with my picture taking yesterday.....