Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garden Update

Sorry no pictures in this post. I have gotten a few ripe tomatoes from both the grape and bush plant. I have a ton still on the bush to ripen and a few on the grape plant. But the grape plant has developed a few new flowers.

My eggplant has 3 eggplants that are slowly growing and many more blooms in different stages of developing. I think I may be inundated with eggplant when they start to get bigger. I am thinking I better start to look up recipies for eggplant, let me know if you have any favorite recipies.....Thank goodness I like eggplant.

My pea plant is about done. I have had a handfull of peas from it, but next year I need to start them earlier because they are supposed to do better in the cooler weather.

My lettuce has done poorly too, but I think I should have planted it earlier as well. I think I may try to restart it in later August.

My eggplant was attacked by ants about a week ago I noticed. When I got too looking closer, I had a HUGE infestation of aphids(?). They are little, the size of a pen/pencil tip and light green almost white. So I have been treating it with insecticidal soap. I found a recipie on the internet, 1 gallon water to 2 Tablespoons of dishsoap. It seems to be working, but I am still getting some new aphids. I am treating it every other day.

Knitting update. I almost have my current socks done. Just need to work on them a little. Maybe I will work on them this week.

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