Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another week.....

Have been busy yet again this week. Work was Crazy Crazy Busy.....hope it subsides a little this next week.

Been busy with projects at home. I have been having fun making pincushions (no pictures...sorry) and working out in my head Christmas Gifts. I have some stocking stuffers bought but want to make some things as well. Haven't really thought about actual gifts for specific people yet.

Today Ladie tried to jump on the bed and he missed and was whining quite a bit so I took him into the Emergency Vet Clinic, about $240 later, he just strained some muscles. They did an xray and his hips, pelvis, spine and knees looked fine (that was only one xray....luckily only one as it was 1/2 of the cost). They gave him some medication a shot and pills to start giving him tomorrow. He is on no play restriction but hasn't been acting like he wants to anyways. He can't jump on the couch or pretty much anything at this point.

I have finished a pair of socks AND I took a picture. I actually took the picture last week, but I'm posting it now....oh well..

And my socks in progress are here....

Still sewing away on my new bags....need to do some testing of them, hopefully will find a few volunteers Monday at Project Night.

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