Friday, October 17, 2008

How time flies....

Its the middle of October...what happened to September???? So that means Halloween is around the corner, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!! How does this happen every year?....I plan to work on my Christmas list all year....but I don't think I have completed more than one item for Christmas gifts since last year....eak!

Last year and again this year I am taking part in the Holiday KAL/CAL. I am offering a prize and plan to post my knitting/crochetting progress on there for gifts. The site is come join the party! Sorry I can't seem to figure out how to make the link thingy work (help me, computer gurus out there)

I am working on a new design for bags. No pictures yet, maybe I will get one taken tomorrow. It is a design that I am excited about, Amy actually gave me the original design by something that she was working on and I am finally getting around to making it up. I can see many more uses for this design....doggie carry bags, gift bag, mini purse....and many more.

Well back to the sewing machine.

Happy October!

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