Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here comes the Holidays...

Less than a week to Thanksgiving. I have been asigned to make green bean casserole this year. And was told to make enough so everyone gets some as it is one of those things that we always run out of. I borrowed a catering pan from my sister and her hubby, now just have to fill her up.

It snowed last night and it stuck around this time, everything is white, except the roads which are all icky already. Ladie loves the snow, he likes to eat the snow clumps and he likes to sniff the snow, it must smell different.

I've been busy sewing and doing needlepoint. No pictures though. The needlepoint is a Christmas gift and even though I don't think that the person it is for reads this very often, no point in chancing it.

This picture is from last year, but I think he really enjoyed that doggie treat.

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