Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Rants and new bags finished.

I have been thinking about this whole Christmas gift thing. I try to make things for gifts, but I also purchase items, especially when I can get a great deal. For example, at work the gift shop was having a 50% off sale on sea pals that are kind of like webkinz and I picked up one for each of my nephews. So those are what they are getting for Christmas, but I plan to make fabric totes to gift them in that have their names on them.

I remember when I was growing up we didn't have alot of extra things. Alot of our decorations were handmade. Popcorn strung on strings, red/green paper chains, little figures, old glass balls to hang on the tree. We always got something for Christmas. But alot of the time it was a new pair of PJ's and one or two toys and a stocking full of little fun toys, useful items, maybe an apple or orange, and some candy.

I see people talk about not being able to spend several 100$ on each of their kids and I wonder what happened to the true Christmas meaning and spirit.

The truth of the matter is that our country is in a recession. How do we get out of a recession? I don't know the answer to that. But maybe our economy was over inflated. It just goes to the Walmartization our country has evolved to. We want everything cheaply but at the best quality. I'll be honest, I wanted (still want) that too.

But maybe we need to take our country backwards a little and expect less.

I had a good weekend in Omaha and even caught a few pictures...

Oops that is of the dog baths, don't they both look happy?

Dogs drying, still not looking happy.
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Large special order bags.

Small special order bags.

Now back to finishing gifties to give....and watch CSI :0)


enithhernandez said...

I really love your bags :)

btw, I never thought of bathing my dog then put her in the cage for drying duh! awesome idea!!!

Avlor said...

We've made sure to keep "scaled" down for several years. When kids are bored opening presents there's too much. It's been tough to explain to the grandparents. It's been interesting too sticking to a budget of about $100/kid. The "cool" toys are getting more expensive rapidly.

I hope with the craziness of the economy, people will focus more on what matters.

caillie said...

I did not see him?? I guess I need to be added.