Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a nice happy Christmas. We got snowed in at home. These pictures are all taken with my cell phone....pretty good huh? The battery on my camera decided to die Christmas Day and I haven't gotten a new battery.

Chad opening his package with lounging pants and snuggie. The pants fit him well, but he hasn't tried on the snuggie yet.
I did get his scarf finished. He hasn't used it yet, but I did try it out when mine got all wet and icky shoveling. It works well. Now I just need to make me an extra for when I get the other all icky.

Saturday we went to Beresford to get a few supplies and came across a plow pulling another out of where it got stuck.

This is the snow drift behind our house. I bet its at least 6 ft high.

Who was it that wanted to live in the country????

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! & Sale!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. We had a nice day with family eating turkey and pie.

Tonight I had a few helpers with my photography....

Morris has officially become an indoor/outdoor kitty....

Ladie is in heaven, he luvs his kitty Morris

We lost Houdini a few weeks ago so we only have Morris for right now and that is part of the reason that she is a indoor/outdoor kitty now. Chad is the one that initiated the change. She is actually a good indoor kitty. She isn't overly cuddly which is probably why it is working. She does go outside and still catches her own gushy food (ooutside), but is inside (in the mudroom) at night.

I have been busy sewing and trying to get the inside of the house more organized. I took some photos of new items this evening and hope to get them edited and up tomorrow or Saturday.

And I am having a Sale....

This weekend I will be having a sale to kick off the holiday season. 20% off all orders excluding shipping costs. I will refund your difference through paypal. If you want a revised invoice, send me a convo or email. The sale will end Monday night at Midnight (11/30/09). Just head on over to my etsy site at

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goodbye Bootsie....

This morning we found Bootsie dead.

Yesterday he wasn't around all day. We looked for him, but he didn't come when we called and we didn't hear him meowing.
We buried him out towards the back of the property.
Good Bye Bootsie.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fine Dining????

Saturday night after working all day at the fiber festival, Meghan and I decided we wanted to go out to eat and be served our food. We were both tired and dehydrated.
We decided to go to Applebees. Applebees is such a large chain that I figured it would be good service and good meals. But not so much of either.

When we got to Applebees,it was busy but they seated us immediately. It took a few minutes before the waitress took our drink order. Megs ordered a pop and water and requested a pitcher of water. I ordered some mixed drink and water with lemon. Nothing was said that we couldn't have a water pitcher on the table.

Well my mixed drink came in just a couple of minutes, but we had to wait for the water and pitcher for about 8-10 minutes. I understand they were busy, but you would think they could bring us water.

They did deliver the water, pitcher and pop finally. About that time I went to use the restroom.
When I got back I could tell Meghan wasn't happy about something....they took the water pitcher away. Meghan told me a different waitress came, lectured her about the fact that we can't have a pitcher of water on the table and took it away...... she lectured a customer! What kind of customer service is that?

Our waitress stopped by again and apologized, she said she didn't know pitchers couldn't be left on the tables.

Well finally our food arrived. Megs had ordered some hamburger with no pink in the middle. I ordered a rare steak. Meghans hamburger was pink. Meghan said she would still eat it. But then I cut into my steak and it was hardly pink, so we sent both back.

Not long after the shift manager stopped by as we had had so many problems with things. He applogized for the meals and the water problem. I explained to him that I wasn't really that concerned about the meals, those things happen, and that if they had allowed us to have the water pitcher, I probably wouldn't have complained about the meals. He told us that the Applebees policy is to not leave pitchers of water on the tables, they want to promote a more 'fine dining' atmosphere than a 'diner' atmosphere. I again stated that the customers had requested it and it was pretty poor customer service to ignore our request.

We received our recooked meals. My steak was still more medium rare than rare. I think Meghans meal was fine.

Meghan timed how long it took us to get water and pop refills and it took about 5 minutes....and that was 5 minutes when Meghans glass was empty except for a little ice.

After we finished our meal, we recieved our bill. I was quite amazed that they still charged us full price for everything. We weren't looking for a discount or a free meal, but to see everything that they screwed up in our meal experience, you would think they would do a little more than, 'We're sorry.' I also never asked for a discount or free meal from them, but I would expect a little more from a 'fine dining restraunt.'
After we left we were talking and we wondered what they would have done if we had ordered a pitcher of beer? I really doubt they would have refused to serve us a pitcher of beer. But then again they are fine dining.

I have dined at many places that I would consider fine dining and I don't recall having ever asked, but I bet if asked they would have provide some type of pitcher of water. I doubt it would be in a plastic pitcher, more likely a carafe or some stately pitcher of water.

Fine dining my a**!
So the next time you want a 'fine dining' experience, just go down to your local applebees, but make sure you don't ask for a pitcher of water!

North Country Fiber Fair Booth

Meghan & I had a booth this year at the North Country Fiber Fair.
A few photos of our booth....

I love this idea Meghan had....hand carded hand blended batts

I thought more people would have her blend up a blend of her alpaca and handdyed fibers, but I think most people fell victim to the cria fleece

These are our wheels......
We got a little time to spin on both days.

I had a little car trouble while alternator decided it should die just to make the weekend memorable. Chad came up and towed it home, what a sweetie. We took it to Sears and they had it fixed by 10 on monday morning.

Sheep Shearing at NCFF

I've never gotten to see a sheep sheared in real life, so while at the North Country Fiber Festival I watched the demonstration....

A little blurry but we get the idea...

And then....
My battery in my camera died....
oh well it was fun to watch and hopefully next year we will get to start practing.....wheee
I have never felt wool fresh off the sheep.....mmmmm soft, lanolony smelling...mmmm

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morris is a girl

My leaning tree.

The brown trim is what was on the whole house before. The white is the new trim. We have 8 windows done. The rest won't probably be done until spring.

It looks so much better now. The pictures definately don't do it justice.

Last weekend I picked out 2 more Kitties. One that looks like Morris, but she is a girl, so she was named Morris by Chad. And the other kitty is Boots, he is black with 4 white 'boots'. I am complaining because these were all supposed to be my kitties (Chad is allergic) and guess who hasn't gotten to name ANY of the Kittens???
If you guessed me, your right. So I want to get one more kitten, preferrably a female kitten. I still need to take morris and boots to the vet, but I don't think it will happen in the next 2 weeks. I plan to take them to the vet in Beresford to try it out there. I like the vet I use in Tea, but it is a pain to have to drive so far for appointments. And I will need to find a large animal vet if I plan to have livestock next year.

We have had several things happen lately, the water heater died (we fixed it), we got the outside water faucets installed and working, we are still working on the faucet by the old barn floor. We haven't gotten alot done in the house but have made some progress.

I and Meghan are going to have a booth at the Fiber Fair in Watertown on the 19th and 20th, wish us luck! Stop by and say hi if your there.

I haven't gotten my etsy or artfire back up and running yet as I just haven't had alot of time for photographing and listing and that stuff. Hopefully I can do that soon.

With the shortening days, I will have more inside time to do indoor things and will have to worry less about the mowing and the thistles and all that stuff.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lost in the Country

I haven't gotten lost in the thistles, we actually cut them all down now. It's amazing how much bigger this place looks without the thistles and tall grass.

Last weekend I took the kitties and Ladie in for their shots. I knew that Flash was sick before I took him in, but I never imagined what I found out. He had Feline Lukemia!!! Luckily Houdini tested negative and we started him on the vaccinations for it right away. But poor Flash had to be put to sleep....he was such a good kitty, even as he was loosing so much weight, he would still always come and sit on your lap and pur pur pur. Houdini has been lonely since then, he follows me pretty much everywhere I go outside. I'm sure we make an interesting sight, it is usually me, Ladie, Diesel and then Houdini bringing up the rear.

Houdini has caught one mouse already and was having a blast playing with it until Diesel stole it and tried to eat it....think mouse tail and back legs hanging out of dog mouth....yum yum!

Oh and Houdini is a boy....figured that out before we went to the vet....oh well.

We have been super busy with outside and inside things. Dad has been working on the window and has gotten 8 done, the rest will have to wait for more money to use towards fixing them, so we plan to watch the sales for the pieces we need. Then hopefully we can get the rest fixed in the spring.

I have not had time to really start to unpack my sewing room. I did put the drawers in the sewing cabinet today and unpacked a couple of boxes, but I need a weekend to dedicate to just the sewing room. Chad keeps needing me to come help him with outside stuff and then I never get back in except for bathroom breaks and meals until almost dark and then I am exhausted. How is that for enough whining?

Well I promise pictures soon. And hopefully I can get back to talking about crafting projects more.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Houdini Kittens!!!!

Yesterday evening I picked up 2 farm kittens as we are expecting to need assistance with keeping the mice under control. One is a boy, dark grey/black and white, his name is Flash and is very tame and loveable. The second kitten is a girl and is lighter grey tabby with white, her new name (she didn't have one before) is Houdini.

Last night we had both kittens in a makeshift containment system until we can work on building our cat house this weekend. Well when Chad got home this afternoon he checked on both of them to make sure they were ok. He put them back in and went out to work on the weeds. Well I got home about 8, I went to check on the kittens and only Flash would come out. About that time Chad came home and we took apart the makeshift shelter and couldn't find Houdini. There was no way she could have gotten out of it, there were no holes big enough for her to get out. Well after looking around for about 45 minutes we start to hear a meowing in some of the long grass not too far from the house. We found little Houdini in the long grass. We rearranged the containment system, they are actually in one of Ladie's kennels right now with a peice of wood for a roof in case it rains again.

So now her name is Houdini...not sure how she did it, but at least she didn't go too far and will need to be more careful with her from now on.

I promise pictures of the kitties and the house stuff this weekend.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Sorry I've been quiet on the blog front. I've been very busy buying an acreage. This one to be specific....

It is 12.02 acres. South of Beresford about 7 miles. Just waiting on the bank to finish up the financing so we can close. We were able to get the keys and spent the weekend cleaning it up. It hasn't been lived in for a year, so there were dead flies to clean up and mouse do do.

We wiped down all the wood work, cleaned most of the windows and steam cleaned all the carpets. So as soon as we close we should be ready to just move in.

It does have a few issues that will need to be taken care of....specifically the thistle problem and there is a pretty large hole in one of the window sills and they all need to be replaced.

Thistles....have alot of these.... :0(

My 'bad' window. Thats a screwdriver stuck in there. A pretty long one. The rest of the windows are not that bad, but have potential to get worse if not taken care of.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worm Grunters

Well I don't know why but my last post that talked about worms got quite a few views.....weird huh? So I think the same day or the day after I saw on the news about worm grunters, people who rub metal and wood together to make the worms come out of the ground So those of you who came here for worms.....thats all I have to say about worms....oh and worms are good for the soil.

Yesterday went to Josh's 7th Birthday Party. I think the gift I got for him was a hit, it was some transformer star wars figure. It was the first toy package he opened.

First time I have been to Matt & Nik's new house....its very nice....and very large, they have 2 living rooms/dens, a dining room, unfinished basement, 4 bedrooms upstairs (1 is a master bedroom) and 3 bathrooms! I don't remember how many square feet Nik said it was, but very good sized.

Their dog, tank, is a lab/chesapeke bay retriever, he's 8 months old I think and he is taller than their full grown lab and still growing! But he is much nicer puppy than their lab ever was. Doesn't seem unrully at all.

I have been doing some spinning, have been trying to go through my stash and hoping to spin up some yarn to list on etsy or artfire. Its part of my destash plan.....I think I need a faster spinning wheel or more time....or maybe both.

I do have a lot of stitch markers in progress and some that are even ready for photography, but that whole time/motivation thing keeps getting in the way.

I am still knitting on my current pair of socks and still haven't darned my yellow random stripe socks....haven't looked for my yarn.....maybe soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It smells like worms

Today at work several people were commenting that they could smell the rain...and I then said it smells like worms. I associate long rains with the smell of know when the ground gets so wet that they have to come out of the ground..... mmmmmm worms mmmmmm

Now that you are all wondering about my sanity....I never proclaimed to be sane by the way.

Get a look at this inspiration if only we could all remember the lesson those people learned.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost in the Real World

My guy visited me last week from Wednesday through Sunday. He and the monsters where caught in one picture. And the monsters were getting along at that moment.

My favorite photo I caught....


We did alot of running around, but did get to go out to breakfast with Aime and John Saturday and met Meghan at the Dog Park Staurday Afternoon.

While we were doing errands I was able to get a bit done on my socks, they are just about to the point to turn the heel.

Chad took me shopping, he picked me out a new wireless router and now I can play on the computer from anywhere in my apartment. And we went to the mall and got me a new pair of jeans, He couldn't believe that I didn't have a pair of jeans.....they are ok, but still not my preferred thing to wear.

I have started a small flat of lettuce seeds, they are doing pretty well, once they are a little better established I will need to thin them out.

After Chad left I have been spinning and making stitch markers. I am trying to spin up some of my fiber stash and will likely list some of the handspun yarn on etsy and artfire. I just haven't felt the sewing juju yet.

I've also been pretty exhausted, I could have fell asleep at work both Monday and Tuesday. So last night (Tues) I took a nap when I got home and went to bed early. I also took about an hour nap tonight and plan to go to bed early. Although today I had a dentist appointment, so that caused me a little undue stress. But good new cavities! A repreive for 6 months!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A sure sign of spring....and sad news

What a sure sign of spring, but daffodils and bunnies.

Well I guess that isn't a real bunny, but he's still cute.

I think my photography skills are improving.

I got the daffodils from a couple of coworkers for a special occasion. They also gave me a popcorn ball, but that was consumed already without a photo of it....sorry.

The bunny pattern is one I got in the phat fiber box in January as well as the yarn I used to knit him up. The bunny will be going to my He likes rabbits and since I'm VERY allergic, He'll have to make do with stuffed animal bunnies.

Have been busily sewing up an order of frog bags, can't wait to hear what she thinks of them when she actually sees them.

Knitting Content: Still knitting on my socks and knitting on my stash busting scarf. Someday I will take photos of those things.

Dad called today, Grandma passed away this morning at 7am ish. Haven't heard when the funeral is for sure, it will likely be Saturday or Monday. So will be taking a trip to Elk River soon.

Ladie is taking his nap while I work with the photos....

Such hard work for a dog.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ladie would like to say Hello

I was kidnapped yesterday! By Amy and Mike, they took me out to dinner with them and their kids. And then we stopped at the park and walked around a bit. It was nice escape from my apartment, but as we joked, their kidnapping skills have to be worked on. They called me and asked permission, after they picked me up they let slip where we were going. But I had alot of fun.

I've read all the Twillight books now. They sucked me in too, just like the Sookie books. I'm happy with the ending of the last book, but even though I don't think there are more books in the series, I could see how the author could bring it back. I think Edward and Bella's story is finished, they are happy at last. But Rennesme and Jacob have such potential to carry on the story, they should have their own stories and adventures.

I have been sewing, actually cutting and interfacing fabric all day, getting a custom order started and the prizes from my contest started as well.

The weather this weekend as been lovely, hopefully it is going to stay like this for awhile. Hopefully this is a sign of spring.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its still light out!

Even though I dislike daylight savings time, I do love the fact that it is still light out at 7 pm!!! It sure is a sign that spring will come someday.

Chad is coming home the last week in March/first week in April....woohhoooo! I can't wait! We are starting to really talk about moving in together. We will probably do this the end of July. My lease ends June 30th and his ends July 31st. I can pay one month at a monthly rate. It may be hard to find a place to accept Diesel. But we'll figure it out.

Knitting content....started on a scarf for myself. My old scarf isn't quite as long as I would like it and I have some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn I got on a super sale ($0.50 each!!!!) and I have 4 of them, so that should make more than a scarf!!!

Have a great Friday tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost Friday!!!!

It has been one heck of a week and boy am I glad tomorrow is Friday.

The weather has been beautiful this week, but I havn't had the time to enjoy it. By the time I get home from work, I'm pretty exhausted, so a short walk for the monster and then the time escapes me until it is time for bed.

Not that I haven't gotten anything done, its just not up to my standards.

I did get my final 2 bags done, I will post those this weekend.

Chad is in Louisianna and not real happy about where he is. I keep hoping ( I know this is wrong to hope ) but hoping anyways that he gets fed up enough to ask to be brought home before he was planning. He's planning on being home the last week of March/first week of April. He won't know for sure until the week before, this works so well for my sense of patience (or lack thereof). Of course whenever he does come home, he will likely go back out over the road in a week, unless they have work locally that they Need him for...something else to hope for. ;0)

I have gotten my fingerless mitts knitted up, I just need to write the pattern and find a volunteer to knit them to make sure my pattern makes sense.

Here are a couple photos. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tulip Totes

After much debate, I decided to name the totes, Tulip Totes. I really wavered between the take out tote and the tulip tote, but the tulips won out. Avlor was the first to suggest the tulip bag. The random generator choose #5, so teabird on Ravelry. I will be contacting the winners this week.

I am in the process of listing my bags, I have 2 that I need to finish the handles for, so not sure if those will get listed today.

I did decide to go with a fabric handle and it is long enough to wear it across your body or over your shoulder or with 4 straps pulled up.

I'll give a better update in a little while.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sioux Falls Super Sale (Yarn! on sale!)

Just wanted to let my friends who live in the area know that this weekend is the Sioux Falls Super Sale and if you go to Athena's Fibers, they have clearance yarns 40% off and other yarns 20% off!!!! I haven't gone yet, so don't take it all.

I will anounce the winners of the contest tomorrow when I post my new bags. I am not allowed to go shopping until I finish them all.....have to sew now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Decisions decisions....and i am soo weak willed

I just wanted to let anyone who may be watching my blog, that I have not forgotten I need to pick a name for my bag, but I am still debating in my head over 2 of the names that I like. One was very popular and the other name is more like what I thought of calling the smaller (first) design of this bag. I don't think I ever told anyone that name I was going to call it. But I did jokingly call it the ball bag and that isn't what my idea was. So while I continue to mentally debate which one I like best, I will give you a few updates.

I have been intending on every night and weekend for the last 2 weeks, to be home and sew sew sew. But what have I done? You guessed it, not sewing. This weekend I read the last of the Sookie stackhouse books (when does the next one come out?) and I was only going to read a chapter or 2 and then go sew. I am so weak willed that was Sunday about 11 am, well about 3:30 - 4 I finished reading the entire book. I liked this book, but it was almost like there was too much that happened, the war and the vamp takeover. It was almost like she needed to just record those things for something that is coming in the next book. But maybe I'm wrong. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I have sewn some, but not the amount I had wanted to have done by now. I hope to have the new bags done and listed by March 1st. I will have at least 12 done, and hopefully more done. We'll have to see what distractions put their heads in my way.

After I get those listed I will be taking a break from sewing and the like until I get my taxes done. Not something I am looking forward too, but it has to be done.

My guy is in Texas now and will be there it sounds like until the end of March and then home (I hope, cross my fingers). But it sounds like he may go back to texas after he is home and gets his things taken care of, but he hasn't fully decided yet. But he should be at home for about a week at least. Part of it depends on the weather, if the weather is really good here, then he will probably have to stay and work around here. Anyone want to pray for spring weather with me????

Well off to ponder my decision some more. Hope you all had a Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Bag Design and a CONTEST!!!!!

I have a working bag in my new design. I am working on more to make to list on my etsy and artfire sites.

I see them working for many uses, to tote your projects: knitting, crochet, spinning, cross stitch, needlepoint. To use as a purse. To carry home your groceries from the store. To bring your lunch with you to work. It would hold a snack, a magazine or book and a pair of socks that you are working on. To carry your books to school or anywhere.

They are reversible. I am still deciding what I want to do for the drawstring/handles. They do not currently have a pocket, but some of them will in the future. They will come in at least 2 sizes, probably more.

But I can't come up with a name for them.

So I am having a contest. Please comment with your suggestion for the name of the bags. The person that suggests the name that I select to use will get a free bag and I will use a random number generator to choose another person to recieve a free bag.

I will choose the name in 2 weeks on or about February 22.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fabric shopping

A friend of mine made a cool treasury and included me. (Thank You) Check it out here

She made these cool stationary and a nice bookmark for me for a gift. She is soo cool and talented. I even gave her an evil idea for her shop....HaaaaHaaaa I love being evil.

Her shop is at check her cool items out.

These are my latest socks that I am working on. Of course they are inside out as I prefer to knit my socks that way.

I went fabric shopping last night and I had way too much fun. I have at least 3 loads of fabric to prewash! One is in the wash now, but I better get back to my little sweat shop to making bags. I hope to have a few more finished later today or tomorrow to post photos of to give you all another tease. And no they will not all be in the original colors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wow #1

I just can't believe the response to my contest...ok I had hoped for this response, but didn't imagine I would get so many wonderful names.

I am planning on having bags available on my etsy and artfire sites before the end of the month. If you would like me to send you an email before I list them for the date/time I plan to list them, please send me an email to your_autumn @ take out the spaces of course. Put Bag List in the subject line, so I don't think you are spam and I will add you to my list for emails. I plan to send out the email the day/evening before.

I have had several of the same names suggested and if I do choose one of those names, I will give the bag to the first person to suggest the name. If you would rather not sign up for a google account, you can email me at the above address or message me on etsy or ravelry.

Wow #2

I went to girls night last night and Aime's hubby came along, he brought this cool protto type for an electric spinning wheel. It is still pretty rough looking but its in the testing phases. It went home with Meghan for some testing out, but its so exciting to think of an electric spinning wheel for a reasonable price. I can't wait for my turn to test it out. I love my spinning wheel, but her bobbins are pretty limited in what they can hold. So when I go to ply, I can't spin off of 2 bobbins onto one because they are all the same size. Now I can spin the yarn back on itself, but I would like to be able to make larger skeins of yarn. The bobbins he brought to show us to try out are HUGE!!!! Can I say YIPPEE loud enough. I'm sure I will be posting more about this in the future.


I haven't posted about this yet, but since I mentioned it above I better now. I have set up a small shop on artfire. If you would like to sign up under me I would appreciate it. The only benefit for me is if 10 people sign up at the US $7.00 level who came to us with your username as the reference, we'll convert your verified membership to FREE for LIFE.

Register on

My shop is at

I don't have alot listed yet, but hope to add more as time goes on.

So thats all that I can wow about for now, I better get back to the sewing machine, I can finish one more bag tonight. I think I need a sewing fairy.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The CPSIA Mandatory Testing & Certification Proposed 1 Year Suspension

Breaking News: The CPSIA Mandatory Testing & Certification Proposed 1 Year Suspension

Go to this link to read the article.

CPSIA was imposed to decrease the amounts of lead and phalates in toys for children under 12. I have been keeping a eye on what has been happening. It would have impacted anyone that manufactures/makes toys or anything for children under 12. So would have put an undue burden on any small or homebased business. Hopefully this will allow them to stay working.

I'm sure I don't completly understand this law, if you have questions about it please visit

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phat Fiber Reviews

My friends at knit night said they couldn't see the pictures of the items that came with my phatfiber box. I will post better photos and my thoughts on a few of the items I received. I wish I could do them all, but there were way too many to do that.

The first review is for

She sent these cute stitch markers. They are all glass beads. One is a cute goldfish, a green apple and the last one had a green bead and 2 blue beads on it.

This picture really shows the cuteness of the fish stitch marker. I didn't see any more of these at her shop right now, but she has some awfully cute other items like yellow duckys, turtles, flowers and an assortment of other items.

I would have to say the stitch markers I received are well made and prices/shipping costs are reasonable. And she ships internationally.
Go check her out! I know when I have a few extra dollars her shop will be on my list to shop with.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yoga Dog

Well on my path to losing weight, I bought a yoga and pilates workout DVD. I also picked up a yoga mat. Tonight was the first night I had a chance to try them out. Well Ladie decided to join in, by sitting on my back when I was doing something that involved laying on the floor and lifting up your head, shoulders and chest. I'm sure it would have been a cute picture.

I ordered the Phat Fiber Sampler Box for January Wintery Mix theme from

This is the box as I opened it. It is brimming over with samples.

It had a couple cute stitch markers.

A project bag and some misc other items. It had wool balls and fragrance for knitters.

It had many samples of fiber. I loved it all. Unfortunately several of the items contain angora. I didn't ask them to not include it, so it was my fault....and I'm sure I have a few friends who could put it to good use.

These are the yarn samples. There where a ton.
The only drawback was that not all of the samples where marked with content. But I did give that feedback and I think that will change in the future.

I am working on getting my newest design put together. It is about 50% done. Can't wait to post a few pictures of it.