Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time to Celebrate

I celebrated Christmas with a couple of the girls.

These cool things are from Aime. Some lovely yarns for socks, a sock knitting book, 2 dishcloths, airfresheners, chocolate, tissues and a pair of boxers for my guy. The chocolate has of course been eaten....couldn't let it get old...or something.

These are from Meghan. 2 cool frogs for my sofa. They are really cool looking, unfortunately when diesel visits I fear they may have to find a higher resting place. She also made a nice bag to carry my knitting in and some snickerdoodle coffee.

And I got to see Aime's house, it's pretty cool. Its a split level, but not your typical split level cookie cutter house. It has the dining room and kitchen (maybe more that I didn't see) on the entry level. Then you go upstairs for her sitting area, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. We didn't venture downstairs.
I have been experimenting with small notions zipped bags....

One has a zipper all around the outside and the other's zipper is only about 1/2 way.

You can see what I mean better in this picture. I added an attachment thingy, I'm sure there is a name for it, but it escapes me.

And the back view.

Today Ladie had a bath, so he is all fluffy and pretty. Forgot to take a picture of him. He is always funny after his baths, he runs around the apartment like a wild dog.

I took my car in to get a tire checked today. It was no good, don't remember what they said was wrong with it, but they showed it to me and it wasn't fixable. So I got a pair of new tires since the other front one was worn too. Not really what I had planned, but I guess I needed them.

I did get some cards to list on etsy done this weekend, just no pictures taken yet.

Sewing time has been limited by my lack of energy. But I did do a special order for my friend Aime, just need to get the snaps on and it will be done. I made 2 so that I can list one too.

My fingerless mitts pattern is coming along. I am knitting up the second one and putting the finishing touches on the pattern. Hopefully I can post it in the near future.

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