Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sioux Falls Super Sale (Yarn! on sale!)

Just wanted to let my friends who live in the area know that this weekend is the Sioux Falls Super Sale and if you go to Athena's Fibers, they have clearance yarns 40% off and other yarns 20% off!!!! I haven't gone yet, so don't take it all.

I will anounce the winners of the contest tomorrow when I post my new bags. I am not allowed to go shopping until I finish them all.....have to sew now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Decisions decisions....and i am soo weak willed

I just wanted to let anyone who may be watching my blog, that I have not forgotten I need to pick a name for my bag, but I am still debating in my head over 2 of the names that I like. One was very popular and the other name is more like what I thought of calling the smaller (first) design of this bag. I don't think I ever told anyone that name I was going to call it. But I did jokingly call it the ball bag and that isn't what my idea was. So while I continue to mentally debate which one I like best, I will give you a few updates.

I have been intending on every night and weekend for the last 2 weeks, to be home and sew sew sew. But what have I done? You guessed it, not sewing. This weekend I read the last of the Sookie stackhouse books (when does the next one come out?) and I was only going to read a chapter or 2 and then go sew. I am so weak willed that was Sunday about 11 am, well about 3:30 - 4 I finished reading the entire book. I liked this book, but it was almost like there was too much that happened, the war and the vamp takeover. It was almost like she needed to just record those things for something that is coming in the next book. But maybe I'm wrong. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I have sewn some, but not the amount I had wanted to have done by now. I hope to have the new bags done and listed by March 1st. I will have at least 12 done, and hopefully more done. We'll have to see what distractions put their heads in my way.

After I get those listed I will be taking a break from sewing and the like until I get my taxes done. Not something I am looking forward too, but it has to be done.

My guy is in Texas now and will be there it sounds like until the end of March and then home (I hope, cross my fingers). But it sounds like he may go back to texas after he is home and gets his things taken care of, but he hasn't fully decided yet. But he should be at home for about a week at least. Part of it depends on the weather, if the weather is really good here, then he will probably have to stay and work around here. Anyone want to pray for spring weather with me????

Well off to ponder my decision some more. Hope you all had a Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Bag Design and a CONTEST!!!!!

I have a working bag in my new design. I am working on more to make to list on my etsy and artfire sites.

I see them working for many uses, to tote your projects: knitting, crochet, spinning, cross stitch, needlepoint. To use as a purse. To carry home your groceries from the store. To bring your lunch with you to work. It would hold a snack, a magazine or book and a pair of socks that you are working on. To carry your books to school or anywhere.

They are reversible. I am still deciding what I want to do for the drawstring/handles. They do not currently have a pocket, but some of them will in the future. They will come in at least 2 sizes, probably more.

But I can't come up with a name for them.

So I am having a contest. Please comment with your suggestion for the name of the bags. The person that suggests the name that I select to use will get a free bag and I will use a random number generator to choose another person to recieve a free bag.

I will choose the name in 2 weeks on or about February 22.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fabric shopping

A friend of mine made a cool treasury and included me. (Thank You) Check it out here

She made these cool stationary and a nice bookmark for me for a gift. She is soo cool and talented. I even gave her an evil idea for her shop....HaaaaHaaaa I love being evil.

Her shop is at check her cool items out.

These are my latest socks that I am working on. Of course they are inside out as I prefer to knit my socks that way.

I went fabric shopping last night and I had way too much fun. I have at least 3 loads of fabric to prewash! One is in the wash now, but I better get back to my little sweat shop to making bags. I hope to have a few more finished later today or tomorrow to post photos of to give you all another tease. And no they will not all be in the original colors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wow #1

I just can't believe the response to my contest...ok I had hoped for this response, but didn't imagine I would get so many wonderful names.

I am planning on having bags available on my etsy and artfire sites before the end of the month. If you would like me to send you an email before I list them for the date/time I plan to list them, please send me an email to your_autumn @ take out the spaces of course. Put Bag List in the subject line, so I don't think you are spam and I will add you to my list for emails. I plan to send out the email the day/evening before.

I have had several of the same names suggested and if I do choose one of those names, I will give the bag to the first person to suggest the name. If you would rather not sign up for a google account, you can email me at the above address or message me on etsy or ravelry.

Wow #2

I went to girls night last night and Aime's hubby came along, he brought this cool protto type for an electric spinning wheel. It is still pretty rough looking but its in the testing phases. It went home with Meghan for some testing out, but its so exciting to think of an electric spinning wheel for a reasonable price. I can't wait for my turn to test it out. I love my spinning wheel, but her bobbins are pretty limited in what they can hold. So when I go to ply, I can't spin off of 2 bobbins onto one because they are all the same size. Now I can spin the yarn back on itself, but I would like to be able to make larger skeins of yarn. The bobbins he brought to show us to try out are HUGE!!!! Can I say YIPPEE loud enough. I'm sure I will be posting more about this in the future.


I haven't posted about this yet, but since I mentioned it above I better now. I have set up a small shop on artfire. If you would like to sign up under me I would appreciate it. The only benefit for me is if 10 people sign up at the US $7.00 level who came to us with your username as the reference, we'll convert your verified membership to FREE for LIFE.

Register on

My shop is at

I don't have alot listed yet, but hope to add more as time goes on.

So thats all that I can wow about for now, I better get back to the sewing machine, I can finish one more bag tonight. I think I need a sewing fairy.