Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ladie would like to say Hello

I was kidnapped yesterday! By Amy and Mike, they took me out to dinner with them and their kids. And then we stopped at the park and walked around a bit. It was nice escape from my apartment, but as we joked, their kidnapping skills have to be worked on. They called me and asked permission, after they picked me up they let slip where we were going. But I had alot of fun.

I've read all the Twillight books now. They sucked me in too, just like the Sookie books. I'm happy with the ending of the last book, but even though I don't think there are more books in the series, I could see how the author could bring it back. I think Edward and Bella's story is finished, they are happy at last. But Rennesme and Jacob have such potential to carry on the story, they should have their own stories and adventures.

I have been sewing, actually cutting and interfacing fabric all day, getting a custom order started and the prizes from my contest started as well.

The weather this weekend as been lovely, hopefully it is going to stay like this for awhile. Hopefully this is a sign of spring.

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