Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A sure sign of spring....and sad news

What a sure sign of spring, but daffodils and bunnies.

Well I guess that isn't a real bunny, but he's still cute.

I think my photography skills are improving.

I got the daffodils from a couple of coworkers for a special occasion. They also gave me a popcorn ball, but that was consumed already without a photo of it....sorry.

The bunny pattern is one I got in the phat fiber box in January as well as the yarn I used to knit him up. The bunny will be going to my He likes rabbits and since I'm VERY allergic, He'll have to make do with stuffed animal bunnies.

Have been busily sewing up an order of frog bags, can't wait to hear what she thinks of them when she actually sees them.

Knitting Content: Still knitting on my socks and knitting on my stash busting scarf. Someday I will take photos of those things.

Dad called today, Grandma passed away this morning at 7am ish. Haven't heard when the funeral is for sure, it will likely be Saturday or Monday. So will be taking a trip to Elk River soon.

Ladie is taking his nap while I work with the photos....

Such hard work for a dog.