Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost in the Real World

My guy visited me last week from Wednesday through Sunday. He and the monsters where caught in one picture. And the monsters were getting along at that moment.

My favorite photo I caught....


We did alot of running around, but did get to go out to breakfast with Aime and John Saturday and met Meghan at the Dog Park Staurday Afternoon.

While we were doing errands I was able to get a bit done on my socks, they are just about to the point to turn the heel.

Chad took me shopping, he picked me out a new wireless router and now I can play on the computer from anywhere in my apartment. And we went to the mall and got me a new pair of jeans, He couldn't believe that I didn't have a pair of jeans.....they are ok, but still not my preferred thing to wear.

I have started a small flat of lettuce seeds, they are doing pretty well, once they are a little better established I will need to thin them out.

After Chad left I have been spinning and making stitch markers. I am trying to spin up some of my fiber stash and will likely list some of the handspun yarn on etsy and artfire. I just haven't felt the sewing juju yet.

I've also been pretty exhausted, I could have fell asleep at work both Monday and Tuesday. So last night (Tues) I took a nap when I got home and went to bed early. I also took about an hour nap tonight and plan to go to bed early. Although today I had a dentist appointment, so that caused me a little undue stress. But good new cavities! A repreive for 6 months!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

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Avlor said...

Wish Mike and I could have met him! Hopefully next time.

Your lettuce flat is doing much better than mine! I had to toss ours because it had mold. Will try again when we get back. Earthbound Farms keeps sending me taunting updates on their glorious success. blech. :P