Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worm Grunters

Well I don't know why but my last post that talked about worms got quite a few views.....weird huh? So I think the same day or the day after I saw on the news about worm grunters, people who rub metal and wood together to make the worms come out of the ground So those of you who came here for worms.....thats all I have to say about worms....oh and worms are good for the soil.

Yesterday went to Josh's 7th Birthday Party. I think the gift I got for him was a hit, it was some transformer star wars figure. It was the first toy package he opened.

First time I have been to Matt & Nik's new house....its very nice....and very large, they have 2 living rooms/dens, a dining room, unfinished basement, 4 bedrooms upstairs (1 is a master bedroom) and 3 bathrooms! I don't remember how many square feet Nik said it was, but very good sized.

Their dog, tank, is a lab/chesapeke bay retriever, he's 8 months old I think and he is taller than their full grown lab and still growing! But he is much nicer puppy than their lab ever was. Doesn't seem unrully at all.

I have been doing some spinning, have been trying to go through my stash and hoping to spin up some yarn to list on etsy or artfire. Its part of my destash plan.....I think I need a faster spinning wheel or more time....or maybe both.

I do have a lot of stitch markers in progress and some that are even ready for photography, but that whole time/motivation thing keeps getting in the way.

I am still knitting on my current pair of socks and still haven't darned my yellow random stripe socks....haven't looked for my yarn.....maybe soon.


Bette's Bags said...

Hi,there! I found your blog from your Raverly profile. I hope everything was ok with the swap package I sent you. Hope you liked it. Take care! Bette

Avlor said...

I nominated you for a Lovely Blog award. I'm giggling right now about the irony of the award and your blog post title on worms. ;)

caillie said...

What is going on?!?!?!?