Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Houdini Kittens!!!!

Yesterday evening I picked up 2 farm kittens as we are expecting to need assistance with keeping the mice under control. One is a boy, dark grey/black and white, his name is Flash and is very tame and loveable. The second kitten is a girl and is lighter grey tabby with white, her new name (she didn't have one before) is Houdini.

Last night we had both kittens in a makeshift containment system until we can work on building our cat house this weekend. Well when Chad got home this afternoon he checked on both of them to make sure they were ok. He put them back in and went out to work on the weeds. Well I got home about 8, I went to check on the kittens and only Flash would come out. About that time Chad came home and we took apart the makeshift shelter and couldn't find Houdini. There was no way she could have gotten out of it, there were no holes big enough for her to get out. Well after looking around for about 45 minutes we start to hear a meowing in some of the long grass not too far from the house. We found little Houdini in the long grass. We rearranged the containment system, they are actually in one of Ladie's kennels right now with a peice of wood for a roof in case it rains again.

So now her name is Houdini...not sure how she did it, but at least she didn't go too far and will need to be more careful with her from now on.

I promise pictures of the kitties and the house stuff this weekend.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Sorry I've been quiet on the blog front. I've been very busy buying an acreage. This one to be specific....

It is 12.02 acres. South of Beresford about 7 miles. Just waiting on the bank to finish up the financing so we can close. We were able to get the keys and spent the weekend cleaning it up. It hasn't been lived in for a year, so there were dead flies to clean up and mouse do do.

We wiped down all the wood work, cleaned most of the windows and steam cleaned all the carpets. So as soon as we close we should be ready to just move in.

It does have a few issues that will need to be taken care of....specifically the thistle problem and there is a pretty large hole in one of the window sills and they all need to be replaced.

Thistles....have alot of these.... :0(

My 'bad' window. Thats a screwdriver stuck in there. A pretty long one. The rest of the windows are not that bad, but have potential to get worse if not taken care of.