Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lost in the Country

I haven't gotten lost in the thistles, we actually cut them all down now. It's amazing how much bigger this place looks without the thistles and tall grass.

Last weekend I took the kitties and Ladie in for their shots. I knew that Flash was sick before I took him in, but I never imagined what I found out. He had Feline Lukemia!!! Luckily Houdini tested negative and we started him on the vaccinations for it right away. But poor Flash had to be put to sleep....he was such a good kitty, even as he was loosing so much weight, he would still always come and sit on your lap and pur pur pur. Houdini has been lonely since then, he follows me pretty much everywhere I go outside. I'm sure we make an interesting sight, it is usually me, Ladie, Diesel and then Houdini bringing up the rear.

Houdini has caught one mouse already and was having a blast playing with it until Diesel stole it and tried to eat it....think mouse tail and back legs hanging out of dog mouth....yum yum!

Oh and Houdini is a boy....figured that out before we went to the vet....oh well.

We have been super busy with outside and inside things. Dad has been working on the window and has gotten 8 done, the rest will have to wait for more money to use towards fixing them, so we plan to watch the sales for the pieces we need. Then hopefully we can get the rest fixed in the spring.

I have not had time to really start to unpack my sewing room. I did put the drawers in the sewing cabinet today and unpacked a couple of boxes, but I need a weekend to dedicate to just the sewing room. Chad keeps needing me to come help him with outside stuff and then I never get back in except for bathroom breaks and meals until almost dark and then I am exhausted. How is that for enough whining?

Well I promise pictures soon. And hopefully I can get back to talking about crafting projects more.